After a successful art auction some years back, Khushii — the Delhi based NGO headed by cricket legend Kapil Dev is back in Mumbai with a duet photography show, Art Thru the Lens
at Jehangir Art gallery.

Art Thru the lens presents the photographic works of renowned artist Sanjay Bhattacharya and industrialist-photographer Rajan Kapoor. Kapoor's and Bhattacharya's work holds within their scope what contemporary Indian photography is all about today.

It also present Mumabiaites an opportunity to own some spectacular photographic artworks while contributing to a good cause, since all proceeds from the sale of these photographs will be donated towards Khushii's charitable endeavours. Says Bhattacharya, "It's been a long time that I have been experimenting with textures on canvas inside my studio. This photographic effort is an attempt to showcase to the viewer, beauty in the path we walk by, as an affirmation of art being inherent in nature." Adds Kapoor, "While shooting a picture, I feel connected to the subject, be it the people, wildlife or landscape. The most important elements of a picture are lighting and composition, no less important than the subject itself. The picture as whole should take the viewer to the place I was,"

Rajan Kapoor & Kapil Dev
at Jehangir Art gallery, Mumbai

Art Thru the lens is a jugalbandi exhibition that is sure to hold the attention of Mumbai's art aficionados. A preview by invitation only is being hosted by Kapil Dev at the Jehangir Art Gallery today. The exhibition continues till February 13.

The veteran cricketer was at this arty do to admire the artworks by Rajan Kapoor and Sanjay Bhattacharya on display. A guest was overheard saying that Rajan's hat resembled the one that adman Prahlad Kakkar often sports. Lillette Dubey may have come in a bit late, but the actress mingled with the guests and stayed on till late. Parvez Damania came in solo and was seen talking to Kapil.

Chhaya Momaya, Pritish Nandy, Tavleen Singh, Gauri Pohoomull, Ashwin Deo, Vipta Kapadia, Sameer Mondal, Shyam Singhania, Manula Nanavati and Niyatee Shinde were amongst many other friends, admirers and well-wishers of the artists. Even Suresh Shetty, Minister for Public Health for the State, was present to support the artists at this do.

The surprise guest for the evening was Ajitabh Bachchan, who had wife Ramola and daughter Namrita, an artist herself, for company.

Kapil Dev took a break from talking about cricket
or anything to do with sports.
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